Are Toronto Escort Agencies Legal?

Prostitution is legal in Toronto, but there are a lot of very specific rules that must be followed. For example, it is legal for someone to sell sexual services, but it is illegal to publicly communicate about prostitution. This is a very difficult to understand concept, and it provides the government with a lot of wiggle room.




Toronto escorts are currently mostly overlooked by law enforcement officers, but they are not 100 percent legal. There is a provision in the law that states that no one may keep a house simply for the purposes of prostitution. By this guideline, brothels would technically be illegal, but an escort who provides services in her customer’s home would not be breaking the housing law. Even with the legal guidelines in place, there was a recent ruling that protected a prostitute’s decision to work out of a brothel or their home. The only restriction was that security must be in place.

The Toronto government has been debating for quite a while over what to do about escort services. Because the escorts find customers by advertising online, they might be in violation of the public communication law. If the government decides to make Toronto escorts legal, then they will be required by law to register their business, provide receipts for each customer and pay taxes. In the meantime, however, most escorts in the Toronto area are operating without much need to keep their profession quiet.

Canadian laws about prostitution have remained mostly unchanged for approximately 200 years. Numerous challenges have been issued over the legality of prostitution, but so far none of them have led to any major changes in the law. Due to this, it is likely that Toronto escorts will be able to continue operating without any issues from the police. What remains to be seen, though, is whether or not the government will decide to place mandates on escort services.

Based on Canada’s history with prostitutes, it would not be extremely unlikely for a government ruling to change the way that escort services work. Not only would registration of these services allow the government to collect more taxes, but it would also allow them to keep a closer eye on the industry as a whole. Child prostitution is an issue in Toronto and throughout Canada, but if all escorts services had to register with the government, then it would be much easier to prevent underage prostitution.

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